Sunday, July 29, 2012

Monsters fall from heaven

You guys have any idea how jealous I am with my friends since I was the only one having a Saturday class? Well, in my case because I'm the only Masscom in the group. And I don't know what's with Saturdays that drives me lazy every time I dress up and makes me wear as comfortable as I can. For instances like this, an asian-inspired outfit will always be my peg. I just don't know why.
It's like I would just like to wear the usual oversized shirt + jeans combo. Hahaha well no. Honestly, I never and not planning to do that. And for this case, at least I've made a statement for me to standout: the shirt I made.

Did you see the details of this shirt? I made this through the concept of heaven and hell (CHOS). I put this heavenly thingy at the top using a glow-in-the-dark glue (I really forgot the brand but trust me, it never washes out when you launder). And added the fiery feel at the bottom. Of course, I wouldn't allow my shirt to be that boring so I cut it accordingly in the front and fringe at the back with my stamped names on it. Do you like it?
Well, I can customize shirts too. Email me if you want a shirt like this:

Shirt: Handmade
Leopard oxfords: Wade
Penguin bag: Jurong bird park, Singapore
Earphones: from Singapore
Pink watch: Sunway Lagoon

And oh, thanks to my Asian items sponsor and all time BESTFRIEND/ photographer, Gab Cadena! It indeed added extra cuteness for my outfit :)


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