Thursday, June 21, 2012

Prime Minister

Photos by: Gab Cadena

Sorry for the long hiatus guys! I've been quite busy for school and I've had a thought of giving up Mass Communication already. KIDDING! No, I won't.
Anyway, this was what I wore during the Bioessence event with Iya Villania in my post here. I wanted to wear something very casual and comfortable yet very chic. I've been envisioning this look for weeks before I finally had a chance to wear this. I decided to stick with only three colors: the colors of our very own Philippine flag! Uh-oh, should I say primary colors instead? I think it sounded more appropriate.

I found my old highwaist denim jeggings and decided it to throw up with something red or yellow heels. I don't have yellow heels as of the moment so I ended up choosing red. Now only one color is lacking and since I don't have any yellow top, so what does this blog says? Cham can do everything.
Yes, this was what I kept telling in my blog. When I'm desperate, I make my own clothing hence the handsewn mullet top.

I am not gonna tell my sewing moments in these post so just refer it here.

The conservative cropped cut in the front was just perfect to pair for the
highwaist jeggings and a long semi-drapy backless at the back which is a total opposite of the cut in front. Accessorizing with the same colors again, my handmade detachable collar + my DIY wedges (click here to view my Red DIY wedges post) and not to mention my extensively effort hair!
If you've been reading my tweets, you'll know I had a hard time searching for curly updo tutorials so what does this blog says again? Cham can do everything. Okay, already redundant.
Oh my! I've mentioned a total of four personal works in one row!

You can't blame me if I'm proud, proud that out of desperation and too expensive clothes in the market, I have made myself improve to innovate something that stores don't offer.

Mullet top: Handsewn
Denim Jeggings: Thrifted
Wedges: Shoebox + DIY
Detachable collar: Handmade
Bag: Cose
Flower ring: Bazaar
Bangle: from Palawan
Round ring: Tomliz

Leave a comment if you want me to do a photo tutorial with my hairstyle.
I promise to make it quick and easy for you!


  1. Love the details and the colors!


  2. Awesome blog, I love it! :)



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