Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Victorian Angel

Obligatory wacky face

Pardon the watermark. I don't have a raw copy anymore :(

Photos by: Gab Cadena

I was bewildered if I looked like Asian or Victorian, or should I say Asian for my look and Victorian for my outfit. What do you think?

Eitherway, I feel great, and comfy too!
I decided to stick to one color in different pieces.
This top (I stole from mom. Hihi) made this whole outfit England-inspired.
Well, in some ways. Agree?
It's like a contemporary piece of ancient corset or bodice way back then isn't it? Com'on why can't you see it?
Uh-oh. I'm not making sense anymore.

So there, I tried manipulating a messy updo but obviously, I failed.
Got to try watchin' hair tutorials soon.
Could you suggest one?

Top: from Mom
Jumper: thrifted
Jelly Gladiators: Salad Dressing
Accessories: Tomliz


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