Saturday, March 10, 2012


With a week loaded of endless requirements and other school
stuffs, you can barely notice how lazy I am to dress up already.
Hence, that doesn't mean I'm sacrificing style. NEVER.

Being old equates being worn out.
The rust, the browns and a no-no to the super colors
were just perfect for these lazy days.

However, I can't keep but to stand out even
on a last Washday of the school year by wearing a dress.
I guess this is becoming a routine already.

 I don't know if I'll take the poor lighting as a compliment
that makes the use-to-be-old photos perfect.
It's already sunset when we started the shoot.
I'm not really sure if it worked well.
Watcha think? :)

Vintage Dress: Davcon Bazaar
Locket: Tomliz
Jelly Thongs: SM Dept. Store
Bag: Thrifted

See you around in school on summer
where everyday is a Washday!

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