Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Casual Monochrome

Hey there, sorry for the super long hiatus my dear
lovely readers. Been very busy for school
plus my unending despair for my dead hard drive
added to this dilemma. So here I am, bitterly moving on
despite the obstacles.
And here's my comeback post.

Something playful and casual for a girl who's
(still crying her heart out for her laptop)
coming back for school on a Saturday.

Don't ask me why.
We need to rehearse and finish our props for our upcoming play.
So I choose pieces matched with patterns that
will eventually be comfortable
and avoided tricky accessories that will not enable me
to move freely, WITHOUT SACRIFICING STYLE. Often.

Basic shirt: Bratt
Knit Jumpers: DCLA
Leopard Oxfords: Wade
Beanie: Baguio
Leopard Sunnies: Thrifted


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