Thursday, February 16, 2012


This was my first time ever that a school, or a University perhaps, never held any activity
in honor of Valentine's.
Just plain classes.
Last year, we even wore red upon entering the classroom.
Now, it's boring.

What I gave him? Two boxes of coconut macaroons. (He kept the other one)

And what he gave me? A ferrero bouquet <3

Never in my life have I ever received a bouquet of flowers, even from my suitors.
How lucky I am to receive one, (Oh, I never demanded a Ferrero! Haha) from my first ever boyfriend, Gab :)

Valentine's dinner/ party at El Rio with the CFC :)

So sleepy

He went on my dorm the next morning and I was soooooo effin sleepy pa.

One way that makes us feel special is to make something really unique and new.
Like in my case, I've received a bouquet FERRERO bouquet for the first time.
Thank you baby!


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