Thursday, February 16, 2012

I found LOVE.

So this is my take for the Heart's day.
Don't blame if I'm dainty again. Haha!
I bet I found an excuse though, to dress something conservative and lady-like.

This is a traditional practice for girls to wear something very lovely and romantic
when having their dates and dinners with their loved ones.

Yes, you're not mistaken. I was really in school that day. And if ever you wondered how the hell
did I ever cheated on the walls of Ateneo for the guards to lemme enter with this kind of outfit,
(Valentine's fall on a Tuesday not a Washday to double your doubt) well lemme tell you how we made it.
First of all, I didn't wore that outfit all day, instead, I wore my uniform of course! It's a Tuesday kasi :))
We entered the school at 7+ in the morning with my uniform, find a perfect spot and changed costume.
TADAAAAAAA! Good thing, seventh floor was too early for classes that day. Lucky though. Whew!

As you observe, the only red I'm wearing is my skirt, I mean, my HANDSEWN skirt.
I won't overdo the red in my outfit. I treated it as an accent and
make up for monochromatics instead.

I kept my hair wavy not curly to match up my look.

Floral headbands and LOVE rings are just some of the perfect pieces to pair for a romantic outfit.

All thrifted from Tomliz.

Baby doll ribbon wedges thrifted!

Love my collar necklace? It's brandless :)

Again, I've never spend any penny again for this outfit post.
All items were thrifted except for my handsewn red skirt.
I believe spending Valentine's never requires a lot of expense
especially for us girls who would really love to dress up for that annual special date.

Everything was girly, I believe, except for the blazer which, in nature,  evidently structured.
Yet it can still be paired with the dainty ones if used and patterned wisely like for
this instance, my blazer was on the shades of white and lacey.

Striped tank top: Thrifted
Red bubble skirt: Handsewn
Lace Blazer: Thrifted
Baby doll ribbon wedges: Thrifted
Accessories: Thrifted

If ever there would be another holiday coming up,
don't be worried. Be creative and most of all, DON'T SPEND A LOT!
After all, the event is more essential than the outfit.
You wouldn't wanna ruin the day by splurging a lot on your outfit, right?


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