Monday, January 16, 2012

Lacey Ballerina

I've got two outfits in a single set and I love how it really served in multiple functions.
First was this lace dress (what I've been dying to have) I got from Divisoria for only
 Php250 paired it with my pair of heels I wore during my debut which was also a gift from Gab ;)

Moving on, I think that this pair was really perfect for my pink and black outfit so there.
Secondly was mainly ala ballerinan with pink tulle bottom down skirt flowing plus the lace top.
Sorry for being too proud but I really found this outfit perfect!
It's not about I'm being biased by the color but how the pieces compliment
 each other. I wish I can have more outfits like these,
 pieces are as close as possible.

I looked long-legged.

My skirt flew and added her own drama!

Lace dress: 168 Mall Divisoria
Pink Tulle Maxi Skirt: 168 Mall Divisoria
Pink heels: Thrifted

Hope you'll find this interesting!


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