Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Hooked on Hokkaido

I spent most of my days in Japan in this lovely place, Sapporo Hokkaido.
A very blessed place in terms of food and nature
Makes every tourist like me wanting to go back anytime soon.
Enjoy loads of photos from:
-Sapporo Government office
-Sapporo City University
-Sapporo Art Park
-Okurayama Ski Stadium
-Doshin Publishing Company
-Our homestay!

This is by far the most delicious authentic Ramen I've ever tasted! 

They used to hang their fortunes here

And they hang here their prayers and wishes

Authentic Takoyaki!

Teaching my watashi no kazuoko (family) the Rak Na Itu hand gesture

Request granted: Sushi Conveyor Belt resto!

Ticket to high places!

Bacon-ful brekky


Photo was just taken a few minutes ago and poof! We're automatically on Japan's newspaper cover!

Meet my ototo and imoto :)

Cutesy, artsy, instagram-worthy meal

So glad I had the time of my life in this place.
Sapporo, Hokkaido, you will forever be remembered in my heart!

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