Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Sweater Heater

Yeah yeah I knew what you’re thinking. ANOTHER BACKLOG. Sorry guys I just checked my albums and realized I have overlooked something. Hence, I think it’s still a good season to post this, isn’t it?

Rainy season is definitely not a weather my county embraces, unluckily. Given that situation, bloggers like me grab every moment once it occurred. Com’on! It’s only time we can wear our jackets down. Lol

I never liked rain, to be honest. It’s due to the fact that maybe rain has something in it that makes my emotions. Perhaps it’s what the rain is really for; to remind us that melancholy is indeed a part of life.

See I’m carried away by emotions again. So let’s not talk about sadness anymore. Aaaaand here’s your favourite part! Unto my outfit!
I love how the earthy colors dramatically matched with the freezing time of year. What do you guys think?

Ralph Lauren oversized hoodie
Thrifted bandage skirt
Thrifted booties


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