Thursday, September 27, 2012

Winter Feelings

Photos by: Ralz San Pedro

I guess I should sell my clothes already. Would you believe that this jumper dress was bought when I was still in Junior high? Yes I don't get fat, unfortunately. I was left no reasons to buy more clothes. Lol

For Ateneans like me, fashionistas specifically, it has always been our Tuesday night worry on what to wear the next day. And it really adds an oomph when you wake up thinking your outfit best matches the weather.
So I stick on my original plan, grabbed my transparent umbrella from Saizen and top it off with my beanie. What do you think?

Winter as we know is always equated with melancholy. Agree?
The frost atmosphere flows smoothly with anyone's dreary sensation. Who would not long for happiness given with this kind of phenomenon?

However, we all have to accept that for once in our lives, everyone must come and deal with this dilemma. It is always you who will decide to stop the drama or let the drama stop you.

Top: Bench
Dress: Local store
Shoes: Solemate
Umbrella: Saizen

See you around on the first washday of the sem this opening!

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