Sunday, September 02, 2012

Striped Sophisticated

If you already saw me, you'll probably know I bleached my hair last July
so obviously this post was already overdue and I'm asking your pardon for that. I think I've already been on the peak of being a Masscom where I seemed to leave everything behind and busy doing my requirements.

From submitting five articles for our Journalism class, photo and video cover for Kadayawan, making of newspaper cover dummy, Short film for Hum, Station ID and program ID script for Radio, MTV shoot for Video Ed class and counting! This will never end until sembreak comes. This doesn't count our shameless video shoot infront of the crowd, interviews, sleepless nights, yes this sums up a life being a Mass Communication student.
No one expected that it will be that hard.

Another was because of our dead tired rehearsals for Sayawtenista that made our efforts paid by winning the 2nd runner up!

Much away with the stress stuff, here I am. Welcome me back again to blogging! -my ultimate stress reliever.
Oh blog, sorry for not updating you in weeks.

Haha anyway, I've been wearing monochromes these past few washdays yet I don't have any idea why. Some say I'm still in the stage of grief. Lol

Top: from mom
Bottom: from mom
Sandals: Natasha
Necklace: Tomliz

See you next washday!

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