Saturday, August 04, 2012


Can you still forgive me if I just posted my outfit during first day when it's August already?

As far as I've checked my drafts, there were zero summer outfits left. Finally. So Imma bid goodbye to summer colors say hello to earth colors!
I don't know what's with these mocha pants (Yes I call it that way) that I kept wearing them during first days! Any of the circumstance are purely coincidental and unplanned :)) And when you say first day, every girl makes an effort to be as fashionable as she can whether you admit it or not.

 If you've been following me on twitter, you'll probably know what made me busy during the break after summer classes. I made this velvet corset out of a distressed top. The texture was too lovely not to use so I decided to renovate it and tadaaa! This was my first ever successful bustier top that I ever made :)

Corset: handsewn
Pants: local store
Sandals: Thrifted
Envelope clutch: Thrifted

You? What did you wear during your first day?

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