Saturday, August 25, 2012

Teenage Witch

This was the worst Saturday that happened this year, knowing the one you love already loved someone else and that clueless feeling of knowing nothing on what to do, how to react and eventually realizing you're becoming powerless to resist and just chose nothing but just to accept that hey, he doesn't like me anymore.

That's part of life, eh?
Pardon the drama. Blame the outfit for making me remember everything.

Much away with the emotions, unto my outfit!
Another comfortable Saturday wearing my (oh this maxi dress from him)
extra comfortable clothes!

Err, this distracts me from blogging. It seemed like it perfectly reminisced everything in just one post. Hahaha

This comfy Saturday turned into something evil when Mau (my classmate) lend me her fierce purple lip liner from Nyx and it definitely made my look extra evil!

Polo: Bazaar
Maxi Dress: gift
Sandals: Thrifted

If only, I can have him back. I wish I could.

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