Thursday, May 31, 2012


Photos by: Gab Cadena

This time, I attempted to be androgynous.
I know it's a total opposite to my style: girly and quirky.
But that doesn't stop me from trying out something new.

I was invited by a fellow blogger for an Apple event in SM:
the launching of Ibutterfly Apple App.
Although I was fortunate enough to be invited on a last minute
event like this, I still failed to come.
Reason? I woke up late + some issues

Anyhow, I still manage to come despite the tardiness.
But this time, it's not for the event but for showing some respect.

Much ado with the drama and failures, this was what I wore
during that day. I kept things light and comfy.
Good thing I was able to come up a decent outfit despite
that this was just hastily taken out of my closet instead
of my usual prepared outfit.

I tried the trending buttoned up polos
and it never failed to give your look an androgynous touch.

To make it more masculine, I stick to monochromatic colors,
metallic accessories and of course, the never failing ponytail!
What do you think?

Polo: Thrifted
Shorts: Thrifted
Wedges: Gift
Scorpio ring: Tomliz
Necklace: Quia


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