Thursday, April 12, 2012

Safari Adventure

Exploring the world of Jungle inspired outfit!

This was what I wore during our first day of Summer classes.
Comfy yet chic, two words that best describes this outfit.
Perfect for running errands and busy feet.

People often asked me about my real nationality and
I never failed to answer them back proudly saying:
"I'm an African!"

So I think this outfit says it all.

Sunlight streaks on my hair

Photos by Gab Cadena

How about if I say I just entered the school without any classes?
No I didn't cut classes, the teachers did.

Cardigan: Victoria's Secret
Cream trousers: KCC Mall
Accessories: Tomliz
Leopard Pumps: Thrifted

Feeling the vibe of nature with this!
I hope you really liked it as much as I do.


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