Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Walking Recessionista

Hey, it's me Cheyser! (Minus the face and the hair, just the clothes.)

So much for the impossible thoughts,
have you ever heard or even met this Davao's fashion icon?
I'm pretty sure most of you already do.
So obviously, my peg for today's Washday? The Walking Recessionista.

I finally realized how to be a "Cheyser" by wearing these kind of clothes.
Ah, so carefree and relaxed like you don't care about the world, like you've never planned what to wear.
No tricky di-keri outfits. Just plain comfort, and ignore the world.

Now this is the Cheyser-ish feeling
Feel it? :)

As we all knew and notice, if there would be a thing
always paired with Cheyser, that would be Dreamcatchers.

And dreamcatcher earrings :)

Top: Flipfold
Dreamcatcher belted skirt: Thrifted
Thongs: Local store
Bag: Thrifted
Dreamcatcher earrings: Broadway Gems

So you, what's your peg this Washday?

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