Wednesday, January 04, 2012

A day with a blogger

Guess who's here.
The famous fashion icon of ADdU, Davao, Philippines and now worldwide!
Ms. Cheyser Pedregosa a 21-year old Interior Design student now studying in PSID.

I met her through Kingsley Sandoval, the boyfriend of my ex-schoolmate Blu Pingoy
Hahaha sorry for all the long connections. Anyway, I heard some of my ADdU High
classmates' comments about her being the headturner of their school before.
Sooooooooo here I am inspired and interested so meet this gal.

Finally, after months of keeping track of her as she progresses her blog, I finally
meet and greet her in person (parang WAGW lang. Haha!)
And damn, the greatest thing I am surprised about her? her SEXYYYYYYYYYYYY voice.

I love how she manages to be pretty, fashionable and friendly at the same time.
Coz some people that's already been pretty and rich may not usually talk to you in person
and even ask you to pose infront of her! Like what she did to most of the Ateneans.

I hope she stays true to herself and to her lovely readers and continue to inspire people.
Continue to be down-to-earth "ate" Cheyser!

P.S without her, I would've not been in the blogosphere as of now
since she's my very first fashion blogger I've ever known.
Thanks to her!
And thanks to you readers!

Hope you like her like I do!


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