Thursday, December 15, 2011

Gypsy Obsolesce

This is my first journal for my Washday Diaries Series
sorry if I just made my blog and even though I have worn
a lot of clothes already, this is my first post during Washdays.

Since this is the last washday of the sem, I decided to wear an
extraordinary outfit I don't usually wear. In short, something unique & special

I wear my mom's old gypsy pants and paired with a cropped top which
I just bought at bargains for only Php30 (I think?), cropped it and

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 Since it's exam week....

 My photographer :)

put an artificial collar then Ta-da! My top is ready!

The brown leather oxford shoes and the brown leather satchel, both I got from
the bargain for as cheap as Php200 for shoes and Php50 for the bag!

See? You can flaunt without releasing big cash!

Thank you Gabriel, for these photos.
Hope you guys enjoy this post!
See you next washday!


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